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HA² Architectural Design & RND Construction – Stairway to Haven

Architectural Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen

Every Summer the Ottawa architectural, design, and builder community rushes to put the finishing touches on their GOHBA Housing Design Awards submissions. Of course, without the heroic efforts of the interior and architectural photographers who capture the finished project, they’d never be outside of their own neighbourhood. I personally photographed several projects for the Awards this year, and this one – Stairway to Haven – most extensively.


Ottawa Editorial Photographer – Kardish Health Food Centre for Grocery Business

Kardish Health Food Centre Robert Assaf by Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto for Grocery Business Magazine

It’s very rare that sitting at home, wishing you had more editorial photography assignments and portrait work, pays off. But that’s pretty much exactly what happened when the folks at Grocery Business Magazine contacted me to to photograph local entrepreneurs, co-owners of Kardish Health Food Centres, and brothers Carey and Robert Assaf. The creative agency, Boomerang Art + Design, was hoping to get something a bit more fun and energetic than the typical “people-standing-with-crossed-arms” cover photo.


Custom Stock for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

CIRA Custom Stock by Justin Van Leeuwen

It’s a testament to a good relationship when one of your favourite and oldest clients sticks with you when they’re working with an agency on their promotional photographs. I’ve been working with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority for almost six years and, this year with the help of Alphabet Creative, this year we were finally able to produce some “custom stock” for CIRA.


Ottawa Commercial Photography – Kettleman’s

Ottawa Commercial Photography by Justin Van Leeuwen Kettleman's Bagel

Kettleman’s Bagels is an Ottawa institution. Not only is it the only 24-7-365 eatery in town, their bagels are, arguably, the best in the world. Over the past few years, Kettleman’s has gone through a massive makeover. Renovating their iconic Bank street storefront and overhauling their website. I was fortunate enough to be brought in to provide commercial photography for all aspects of the business. Commercial Interior photography, custom stock, portraits, and even food.


3M, Scotch Brand Expressions with Amanda Forrest – Advertising Photography

Amanda Forrest, Scotch Impressions by Justin Van Leeuwen

Sometimes an agency calls you up for some advertising photography; and when it’s with a big brand and celebrity designer there’s no passing up the opportunity. One cold morning in February, after months of planning shot lists, layout, and scheduling, we headed out to Amanda Forrests to set up for a 13-hour day of shooting Scotch’s Expressions decorative tape.