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Photography Rant

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. Around the same time I left my old desk job, started taking care of the kids full time, and transitioning into full time Photographer too. The time at home started out pretty strong, actually, I was rocking a new composite family photo – an “extreme” family portrait – […]

On not taking photos in Paris and leaving the camera behind. A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to pull off a last minute trip to Paris (How bourgeoise, right?). And in the midst of fussing over what camera gear to take (tripod, no tripod) I came up with the answer that this […]

Tis the season for a wrap-up of all the great things we bought this year, and to let people know what you can pick up others to make them temporarily happy, all while reducing your own personal wealth through “mandatory” giving. Humbug you say? Fine, you want to buy something for the photographer in your […]

There are two steps to being a professional photographer: one is to value your own work, the other is to create work of value. You do not have to do these in order, but doing neither is unsustainable. The above photo I shot while on assignment for my local paper the Kitchissippi times. While it’s […]