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In Print: Max Hamlyn for The Registered Practical Nursing Journal

In Print - Max Hamlyn for The Registered Practical Nursing Journal

Some subjects have no interest in having their portrait taken, they don’t want you there and even 5 minutes is too much to ask. Max wasn’t one of those people. What a delight to travel an hour out of Ottawa for an editorial photography job to come to the welcoming face of Max Hamlyn. A Registered Nurse who specializes in palliative at-home care: a tough gig to be sure. Max counters his daily encounters with end-of-life with an incredibly playful attitude.

While Max had a great backyard, and we were able to produce some solid portraits there, I had envisioned a bit more space an expanse considering he lived so far into farm country. We took a quick drive over to the fairgrounds and location of the annual “Glengarry Highland Games.” I don’t think folks out that way are used to a photo-shoot going down, but we managed to pull it off with a lovely sunset, a few stares from the locals, and an all-around fun shoot.

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