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Ottawa Editorial Photographer – In Print: Serena Fraser for Ottawa Woman

In Print: Serena Fraser for Ottawa Woman

One of the problems I encounter as an editorial photographer is that the medium can dictate how we’re supposed to shoot. Newsprint, for example, doesn’t reproduce details well, and prints “wet” which can lead to ink transfers when the images contain too many black or dark colours.

I also don’t get to decide exactly when and where I shoot; like winter time in a small restaurant during dinner service. So happy day for me when I was assigned to photograph Serina Fraser of Clear Designs, at her Ottawa office which is architecturally beautiful, with lots of windows, and very white. I double-lucked out when we were able to bring in make-up-artist Natalie Peachy, to polish off Serina’s already stunning looks.

Light the space – check. Fun and beautiful subject – check. Talented MUA monitoring the shoot – check check! It all came together wonderfully and I’m really happy with the results. You can check out the latest issue of Ottawa Woman online, or pick up a copy around Ottawa. You can see the cover photo over on Flickr.

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