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Ottawa Woman

Ottawa Woman

I lucked out on this shoot for Ottawa Woman magazine, a colleague of mine, who normally does their work, had a conflict in his schedule and needed someone to shoot some editorial photography for Ottawa Woman magazine ASAP. I quickly obliged (anything to help a friend out right?) and, since I was on a shoot that same day for iRun magazine, I just held onto my dutiful assistant Lee for a few more hours to complete this assignment.

I wish I took a BTS image of Lee in there with the large octa box we had set-up for this image. it’s a cramped space already, and shoving a giant light modifier in there presented it’s problems, including glare off the glass we were hoping to shoot through (showing the Canal in the background

Lorraine Dyke is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy in the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. She is also the founder and current Director of the Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work and the Management Development Program for Women at Carleton – an impressive title that speaks to her dedication to women. You can read the full article and see my photos at ottawa-woman.com

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