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Recently I took a trip down to a local provider of fine canvas goods, Canvaspop. From their website they’ll look like any random “anywhere” based print shop, but finding a Canadian, or even Ottawa-based, distributor for me was huge because A. I could save on duty and shipping B. Work closer with the company to […]

Another crappy garage in the hood. I feel like it’s the Ottawa equivalent of a shanty town, I half expect to see corrugated metal sheets housing orphans and some Christian aid spokesperson asking me to put “starvin marvin” through school. Though usually I only see kids smoking pot and dog shit.

Generally, I have been unimpressed with Ottawa Graffiti – in my neighbourhood at least.

Damn you sun! Leaving me in the cold like this… or I suppose I should blame the earths rotational axis; the fact that our orbit not only takes us further away from the sun (and thus all my warmth) but also ever-so-slightly spins where I LIVE just that much farther away so I get more […]