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After the show at the NAC’s 4th stage, an event in cooperation with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation & The NAC Foundation. It’s a remarkable fundraising dinner (themed) followed by live performances on the 4th stage. It’s an intimate venue and both of this years’ performers were wonderful. Pictured here is Jill Barber, she had […]

Certainly not the greatest of images – I still thought it might be an interesting view of the fire in the Glebe for folks who live in Ottawa. Shot this while leaning against my boardroom window at Carling & Bronson hand-held with the Canon G11 and processing Lightroom 3 Beta with Silverefex Pro for the […]

Things get really quiet in Ottawa when the sun goes down.

You ever get the feeling like some people have it out for you, granted, I don’t think I’m that important, but sometimes it just feels like people don’t want you around.