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It’s been a busy week. Back-to-back events have meant an overload of images on my computer; it’s a good thing I had recently revised my workflow in order to get through them that much faster. I use Lightroom as my photo processing/cataloguing/kewording program of choice. I do about 90% of all my work there. I […]

I spent some time this week making arrangements and booking a lot of last minute portrait sessions and weddings, all of them based on referrals. It’s a great feeling to receive praise from your peers – praise coming in the form of recommendations: I can’t think of a better way to compliment a photographer than […]

It’s been a while since I did any Rorschach type image, but this one seemed to work well with it. Not for everyone, considering it’s obviously manipulated (I didn’t hold a mirror up to get the shot). You can see the original here.

I made a comment on twitter the other day that went something like this “some say you don’t take as many photos of your 2nd child because you’ve done it before with the first, but in reality it’s because the first is so fucking crazy you no longer have the time.” Quinn lost a bit […]

Anyone else figure out that the secret to a good fire was some birch-bark? Strip some of that – or better yet, find some dead wood – and whoosh! Your fire’s burning 5 times brighter. Probably not so good for the tree though.