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Last of the series… maybe. Shot from the opening day can be seen here.

Shot with a Lensbaby 3G – I see at Photokina they announced a revision of the brand plus a new model: I completely recommend it (and wish I had this one instead) to anyone looking for a bit of creativity thrust onto their camera.

I originally didn’t like doing too much in HDR – it’s Fake looking, I admit. But “fake” could also come to mean painted, and I think that’s what I was going for in these shots. I wanted to showcase features of the park – it’s highlights as well as it’s location – but I wanted […]

So I thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 4 today and “beat the sun” out to the Cancer Survivor’s Park, which I was scheduled to photograph at about 2pm. I’m not sure if I saw the real benefit of that extra time spent in the dark – I certainly got […]