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While much of what I photograph is editorial and portrait driven. I do have a good side-line on custom interior photography as well. This house (I didn’t shoot exterior, but know it looked like a typical suburban cookie-cutter house on the outside), was completely opened up by the addition of a glass central staircase. Where […]

Mel said I should print this one out for the girls mother, which I will, but I think I’ll get her to hand it to the lady. The scenario: “Hi, I was taking pictures of your pretty little girl here – don’t believe me? Here’s printed proof!”Lady – “KICK PUNCH!” Nuff said.

I went shopping for work clothes yesterday at the dreaded Mall. Work-buddy Sandra came to help me out, because I believe I am technically retarded at dressing myself.She made me try different things on, different styles, and actually made me “think” about my puchase. She did her best to help colour match ties to shirts […]

Why are bus terminals all pieces of crap? Is it because it’s the lowliest mode of transport? No overhead to compensate for poor infrastructure? Airplane terminals are incredibly elaborate, mostly new, with freshly painted walls and buffed floors. Bus terminals are run-down, seemingly all built (and maintained)in decades past, and don’t see signs of renewal. […]