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If you’re a hockey fan, you probably have mixed feelings about Ron Tugnutt’s career performance. Despite some incredible games and seasons, he had a rough go at others. That said, he’s a hell of a guy, and was great to shoot on this editorial photography assignment for Centre Ice. He’s taken on some vested interest […]

There’s still a a little leftover Ice on things here in Ottawa. Having to stay home, lest a baby suddenly burst forth from Mel’s womb, has afforded me a bit of reading time. Most of it (all of it) has been directly, or indirectly, related to the work of David duChemin, he’s a wonderful photographer […]

Ottawa was coated in a layer of ice. I could have gone out and taken shots a few days ago – but I didn’ wanna – it was cold and raining ice (I’m not stupid). Luckily today cleared up without losing the frosty charm of the past few days. In this shot you can see […]

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going out in the morning with Younes to maybe take pictures of some frozen stuff. Damned if I know our motivation. Art? As a side note, another buddy of mine, Josh developed a pretty neat add-on for this website that now lets you scroll through my posts with the […]

Believe it or not, this photo is basically all I have to show for waking up at 5am, hiking up to Dow’s lake, trying to find a spot to shoot the sunrise – and then, subsequently, failing miserably. My hands got too cold and I got too impatient with all the dogs & dog walkers […]

I promised Barb that I’d actually take some photos this weekend as long as she would (she just got herself a Canon Rebel XSI and was put off by all the snow). So I said we’d both buck-up and head on outside, catching up on photography time lost during the shorter winter days. Here’s mine […]

A much delayed post today – didn’t really have anything to post off my laptop, so I had to go on a roam to get a few shots. It was cold in Ottawa, but that didn’t stop me from a 3 hour hike, up into Hull (Quebec) and up the Ottawa River and back, safely […]