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Saw this on the ground. Sitting in front of a bunch of big-glass buildings. See, reflectors aren’t just round things you hold in your hand. They’re any surface. If you have some bright sun hitting some red brick you’re going to get some organe glow off of it. A big white wall will bounce sunlight […]

I suppose on day’s you’ve been at work for 12 hours, haven’t seen the sun, and the sky pelted ice in your face as you walked into the world at 5:30AM you’re allowed to archive dig a bit. I figure a photo from Iceland (sans ice) would be appropriate. Iceland A land of less ice… […]

Even out of a violent explosive crater, life comes back, in the tiniest of forms. I had two wonderful paying gigs this week for my photography, maybe it’s not my pictures that sell things so much as it is how awesome I am as a human being – it’s like grandeur through association.