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Large venues really push my physical and creative abilities as an event photographer. Just covering the main stage at the National Arts Centre would be enough to keep one person busy, but I like to throw a little extra into my work. Which is why I decided to do back-stage portraits at this years’ Cracking […]

I don’t often show the events I photograph. Most often, the event photography consists of some important people grip-and-grinning and, near the end, tend to be drunken revellers at a private function, so there’s really not much to see, or not much anyone’s willing to show.

After the show at the NAC’s 4th stage, an event in cooperation with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation & The NAC Foundation. It’s a remarkable fundraising dinner (themed) followed by live performances on the 4th stage. It’s an intimate venue and both of this years’ performers were wonderful. Pictured here is Jill Barber, she had […]