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For some silly reason I woke up before sunrise to go out and take photos. My fingers are still numb – but you’ll probably, at least, get a few photos out of me over the next few days.

Haven’t posted (or done) an HDR in a while, this one seemed alright. I especially liked that I processed it through plugins only – Photomatix, Lightroom, and ColourEfex Pro… no Photoshop. This week I was supposed to get an iPhone. I had been wanting one for a while as the “photographers” phone of choice. Big […]

Spent a GREAT few hours out at Westboro beech in Ottawa today. More than half the time was me trying to figure out a few spots to take some portraits and actually sitting and just taking a breath! AMAZING! Sitting down is certainly under-rated. Sadly I was solo (aside from my subject) so I was […]

That’s TOTALLY me – running – because I LOVE, to run. Love it. Running is sooooooooooo awesome.

Just a few blocks away from yesterday’s post – I was trying to see if I could get around to the dammed (damned!) up water that was gushing through on the other side. Sadly I couldn’t find my way through – maybe a wrong turn – but I didn’t get close to any action.