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Church Family

Church Family
I never went to church as a kid (or as an adult I should add). Not to say I’ve never been in one, funerals, weddings, cubs & scouts, but really, they only appeal to me aesthetically.
Being firmly Agnostic a church doesn’t represent the same things it does to many others. To some I’m sure it’s a sanctuary, a place to atone for sin, or perhaps group freely with your fellow cult members, followers, church-goers.

Maybe it’s lost that appeal, and it represents loathing of promise that you currently no longer believe, or you feel slighted by the concept of an ideal, that you have never or may never now attain in your life.

Whatever it is to you, or me, I’m happy that many people can get together, with their families, in a single place and hopefully find some peace of mind, if not in body and soul too.

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