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Editorial Photographer – Ottawa Magazine for September/October

Editorial Photography for Ottawa Magazine by Justin Van Leeuwen

Money, kids, interiors; editorial photographer needed? I’m there. I had some great assignments from Ottawa Magazine these past few months. The above image was for the most recent issue featuring on money – the kids all had their own ways of earning it (or in some cases not earning it), and they all brought out some of their favourite purchases. While the creative brief called for an all-white background, I pushed back to my editor feeling that a more “moody” image would stand out better and differ from the same tired “Kids on bright white” imagery that has basically become cliché in magazines. To accommodate this, I had to build out the grey background until it fit all the text (and even then they had to cut some).

Editorial Photographer - Justin Van Leeuwen for Ottawa Magazine


I also had the good fortune to photograph the tiny (but mighty) interior of Jackpine Digital Inc., an Ottawa-based creative firm who already happen to work with a few of my favourite local brands. They’ve saved some incredible signs from the trash in their China town space, and brought them down to eye-level so we can marvel in their glorious detail.

Ottawa Editorial Photography by Justin Van Leeuwen - Jackpine Digital Inc for Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Interior Editorial Photography by Justin Van Leeuwen for Ottawa Magazine

That same issue also featured a mix of new and old photos for another interior photography project I had done for Grassroots Design & Build. Tom and Julia’s house is a great example of a small urban oasis. Foregoing the sprawling stale backyard of the suburbs, they’ve instead built themselves a treehouse-like deck to allow for a car-port underneath.

Ottawa Editorial Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen for Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Editorial Photography by Justin Van Leeuwen for Ottawa Magazine

The full article is available online now, so head on over to Ottawa-Mag to check it out.


Editorial Photographer for Ottawa Magazine - Justin Van Leeuwen

Along with the kids editorial, some of my older interior photography work was dusted off to feature a really cool workspace by my clients Parallel 45. Back in December of 2012 the interior design firm “formerly-known-as Turnbull Design” had me photograph an incredible new office space for Caseware. It was early interior work for me, I hadn’t even had any editorial photography for this kind of stuff yet, so when Ottawa Magazine asked to use the images I took another run at the processing, since my technique has changed significantly in that time. I think the results are much cleaner and less distracting than what I produced then, but don’t just take my word for it, pick up a copy of Ottawa Magazine today! (PS. It’s the one with the giant marijuana leaf on the cover). Bonus points: we also got a sweet main title-page spread.

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