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Money, kids, interiors; editorial photographer needed? I’m there. I had some great assignments from Ottawa Magazine these past few months. The above image was for the most recent issue featuring on money – the kids all had their own ways of earning it (or in some cases not earning it), and they all brought out […]

When the editor of Centre Ice Magazine proposing a two-page editorial spread I jumped at the chance. Every photographer wants their images printed big, and usually interior images are cropped down to make room for text and copy. In this case, the image was a function of the story, with text to be overlayed pointing […]

I have a bunch of editorial photography in the backlog just waiting to go to print, I can’t wait to share it with you, but until that time you get to enjoy my adorable family just a little bit more. My parents came down for the beginning of this week to hang out with the […]

Proud to say I have a lot of contributions to the most recent issue of iRun. I covered a few impromptu “fashion” shoots, with some very lovely ladies (hot mom’s really), and then the kids came out after. As expected, the women and little ladies were the easiest to shoot while the boys tried to […]

Social Media is a beautiful thing. I can probably attribute 95% of all of my business to twitter, the other 5% are almost direct referrals from friends – which I’ve likely made through twitter – or facebook. Julie Cole is a great example of both fusing together. Last year, just about this time, I did […]

My inspiration of this series is Jason Lee, or “jwlphotography” on Flickr. I first heard of him when the Strobist blog featured his work – doing amazing setups with his two little girls – I’ve been hooked ever since. His own work has taken a bit of a departure from the surreal and comical – […]

Long delay from my last post, appologies, I wanted y’all to soak that one in. Prices on the canvases will go up on the 25th, they’ll have to, the event is gonna cost me some $$… so if you’re in town you might as well show up to it too. Despite jonesing to take some […]

Family portrait taken in Ottawa. I hadn’t used much rim/separation lighting in the past (the light behind them), and as such I’m laying it on a bit thick on my shots right now. Like most things, it’ll take some practice to finesse it into something a bit more natural and subtle. I have a different […]

These are the best two portraits I could get out of my kids after a solid day of trying. I wanted to try a few different lighting setups and, for lack of subjects, I try to stick my kids in front of the lens. Problem there is that the eldest is more interested in the […]

Stardom! What a fan-freakin-tastic last name. These guys were awesomesauce times a million. I showed up on time but Leo (the little guy) didn’t feel like wakin’ up – probably because he had a rough go of the party the night before – so that dude slept for, like, AN HOUR! No problem though, because […]

My pants don’t fit me anymore, maybe they never did – I’m not very good at picking out my own clothes. They’re either too short, don’t fit my butt, too tight (not as often), maybe my package will be showing at the front [Read: because it’s impressive]. Luckily my lady helps me pick them out […]

These guys were showing off their mad skillz in the skate park outside of Centerpointe. View Larger Map You could tell they were brothers because, despite their variance in skill, the better of the two kept coming back to reassure and encourage the other. Granted, that’s not exactly how me and my brother played out […]