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Stardom! What a fan-freakin-tastic last name. These guys were awesomesauce times a million.

I showed up on time but Leo (the little guy) didn’t feel like wakin’ up – probably because he had a rough go of the party the night before – so that dude slept for, like, AN HOUR!

No problem though, because I give family shoots a good 3 hours to get done (and nothing’s stopping me from staying later), so I was able to chill and get to know Max (the slightly bigger dude). It’s really important for me to have my clients comfortable with me. No matter if they’re a bride, businessman, party-goer, or toddler – if someone doesn’t want you taking their photo it shows.

Once Leo woke up (we totally hit it off BTW; this kid wanted to eat my camera), we hit the park for some family photos.

It goes like this, shoot shoot break (kids get impatient standing, posed, or even in place), shoot shoot break, shoot shoot snack break crash – bed time comes early for everyone after a family photo session!

2 thoughts on “Stardom

  1. Calusarus says:

    Climbing their first mountain !

  2. Mervi says:

    Love the pic. Doesn't have that staged feeling as many family portraits too. And the colors work.