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Family portrait taken in Ottawa. I hadn’t used much rim/separation lighting in the past (the light behind them), and as such I’m laying it on a bit thick on my shots right now. Like most things, it’ll take some practice to finesse it into something a bit more natural and subtle.

I have a different crop of the same shot over on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “about-o-town

  1. Greg says:

    It may be a little overblown, but that's all part of experimentation and learning. Luckily when the shot requires overblown backlighting like that, you can say "Hey, how did I do that when I was doing it 'wrong' and it'll suddenly be 'right'. 😉 To me the drawback of the very bright rim is that it's not consistent. Originating from one source point, you get the effect on people in the centre, but then it gets lost out towards the sides, which is particularly noticeable with the person on the far right.

  2. michael says:

    I liked the other crop much better. This one, I'm drawn straight to the large shadow at the back of the pavilion thing. but a gorgeous family! hehe