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Mackenzie King Estate Panorama

Mackenzie King Estate Panorama

I have a bunch of editorial photography in the backlog just waiting to go to print, I can’t wait to share it with you, but until that time you get to enjoy my adorable family just a little bit more.

My parents came down for the beginning of this week to hang out with the boys, which freed my hands up to take some photos of them as we walked around Gatineau Park (just outside of Ottawa). If you want to see the cuteness then I have some up on flickr here, here and here.

As for the above photo, I’ve had some people ask me about it, it’s a panoramic image, 26 photos taken with a telephoto lens at it’s widest aperture which gives the whole setting a very thin looking depth of field. The technique was popularized by wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer and it’s even been given his name as the “Brenizer method.” And while this can be a highly effective and dramatic technique, I think it’s important to note the context of the image and surrounding and weather it actually *needs* that much work done to it. As it is, this image was shot with my 21MP 5DMKII, and the final flattened tif file is almost a full gig. Working on it took just over an hour because of the lag the image caused to my computer using almost all of my 18GB of RAM… so choose wisely. The final output is a file that, according to a calculator, created an effective focal length of 73mm f/0.7, which doesn’t actually exist.

5 thoughts on “Mackenzie King Estate Panorama

  1. Calusarus says:

    A great shot, with this greenery and the DoF

  2. I keep meaning to try this method. Reading up on it, it seems to be recommended to set what your camera captures down abit, so small jpeg or something for the exact reason you state. Computers don't like big images. Because no-one is ever going to see a giant print at full resolution, depending on how many frames you're shooting you could probably get away with quite a small file size if that makes sense! Great shot though! 🙂

  3. Likewise, I've been wanting to try this as well but haven't found the right scene for it. Nicely done.

  4. 601Photo says:

    Fascinating method, and great job! Def something I want to try… maybe not in RAW though, my computer would assplode (PowerBook G4/Lightroom 2/PSCS1).

    Can't wait to see your upcoming editorial work.