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Ottawa Event Photographer: Roller Derby

Roller Derby

People who know me know I’m not a big “sports” guy. And while I do appreciate athleticism and love working with athletes on portrait projects, I’m rarely assigned to cover any sort of sporting event aside from the odd run.

That said, I’ve been reviewing a brand new camera that is ideal for sports shooters these past few weeks, and I needed an environment that would put it through its paces. Having friends in the Roller Derby circuit around Ottawa, I thought it an ideal opportunity to get some access and shoot some fast moving subjects (to test the AF) in some really shitty lighting conditions (like, really bad).

Derby’s pretty fun to watch, and it’s definitely competitive. It was only my second attempt to ever try and shoot the sport, so please judge my efforts accordingly – thanks to the Rideau Valley Roller Girls for the hookup to their bout. You can click the image below for a short gallery.

Or if you’d like to see more, I’ve setup a Facebook album too (Don’t forget to LIKE my page).

Clearly I have lots of great things to say about the 1DX, but I’m going to save those for my review, in a website partnership I’ll be excited to announce soon.

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