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Creative Photography With Lights

The Devil we Know

It’s been an incredible first week at the JVLPopUp photo studio. We had an opening party which (though I didn’t tell anyone this) marked two years in full-time photo business for me, with incredible food by Essence Catering, drinks from Beyond the Pale, perfectly rendered and HUGE canvases by CanvasPop. I’ve entertained a few headshot clients and, bittersweet, I’ve been busy still working on assignment and location, leaving the space mostly empty during the day. At least my name’s on the window right?

I did take advantage of having a place to “hang out” on Monday. I hosted the first PhotoJam in years, which was a great success. 10 photographers of varying levels of interest and skill got together to just experiment, learn, and try some things they never had before. The above image of Tamara is a result of my own desire to mix constant lights with strobes to create motion in a single image. I had always known how to do it in theory, but to actually go ahead and pull it off was something I had never quite felt comfortable enough on a commercial gig.

Of course, tried once, that all changes – I’m looking forward to finding a way to do this with a client in the future. You TOO can learn how to use lights in your photography, how to creatively expand your repertoire and have your work stand out, my workshop is this Saturday and still has some spaces available. Do it, you know you want to.

One thought on “Creative Photography With Lights

  1. Ross Brown says:

    I love this shot. Ghostly, ethereal, lovely. Tamara looks impish.