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Erin Blaskie: Digital Strategist

Erin Blaskie - Digital Strategist

Sometimes a shoot just works out perfectly.

Erin’s a bit of an online friend, I had known *of* her for a number of years, following her exploits as she was married, had a lovely little daughter, and she’s helped come out and model for a few of my shoots with said adorable fam. When it came time for her to update her professional portraits, re-brand herself and her business, she chose me as her commercial portrait photographer (yay!).

The whole shoot was a team effort. She originally wanted to have a photo of herself in a boardroom, something that screamed “business,” since her services don’t actually require she have a boardroom and office, it’s important for potential clients to see that she means business. Sadly, most of the rooms available for rent weren’t particularly photogenic, so we shifted gears to display her in a “city” scene. Again, her services are virtual in nature, so we wanted to show her in city, but not specifically Ottawa, since she can service clients pretty much anywhere. Thankfully, our friend Finn had a great condo with a view of Ottawa’s (limited) skyscrapers.

Also coming on-board to refine the shoot was ultra-talented make-up artist Melody Iafelice and Chris Cormier as my light-holding guy, an important job, as the wind was pretty fierce on the 6th floor balcony. Finally, we were worried the weather was going to conspire against us, since the forecast had been for thunderstorms and rain, but it held off just long enough to take full advantage of the outdoors, and the sun broke through for just long enough to get a blue-sky shot.

It was a great shoot, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Erin’s images fully integrated into her new brand and business. You can check out the images above larger over on Flickr.

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