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Ernesto’s Bachelor party was Saturday night, and, blissfully so, strippers were not involved. We headed down to The Local for beers and music; since Ernesto’s life has always been deeply routed in music (who else would get a masters in Jazz percussion) the evening took on a sort of “Jam session” feeling. Very laid back, very fun, and great music. Fingers (pictured) was one of the more impressive talents of the evening; after he finished I decided it was a good idea to point out that we had all “just been Fingered.”

I’ll be seeing Ernesto in a week when he takes the plunge next Saturday.

Also on a similar note (sorta) it’s Melanie’s birthday today! Even though she doesn’t check this blog anymore I feel it’s important to acknowledge and say I love you, and hopefully I’m making you breakfast in bed as the other suckers are reading this in their offices.

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