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In the Eye of the Dow

In the Eye of the Dow
Okay, I actually processed this image twice, it’s an HDR, which I just couldn’t seem to work out the way I wanted, and then I went a tried out HDRMAX (there’s a trial version available), and bingo – gave me that punch and contrast I was looking for. I’m thinking of grabbing it permanently – since it’s $150 (US) and, as a standalone processor it does a lot more than Photomatix does – and that needs mucho PS post work. So y’know – if you’re interested… there it is.

Also – of a more exciting note – today is my 600th post!! That must be a milestone of sorts so I’ll take the time to thank everyone who checks this blog and particularly those who comment – I appreciate the feedback FOR REALS! Thanks to those who subscribe, and everyone who’s helped me along the way.

I do have to especially thank the people who helped me out since day one, gave me encouragement (or didn’t when necessary), and most certainly told me when I had a bad [read: terrible] photo:

  • Attila
  • Aaron
  • Xtina
  • Brad
  • Jonathan Greenwald
  • …and all of the kids at both of the offices (SB & ORCF) who say I’m great though I’m really not but that’s their ignorance so fuck’em. And my Mom who’s always awesome and will give me hell for the last sentence and Paul who is also awesome and is the awesomest guy my mom could be awesome with.

    And Mel, Quinn and Owen, because they give me people and situations I can photograph every day, and the time to take them.

    Thank you.

    9 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Dow

    1. Calusarus says:

      What a great one. The treatment is tremendous. Congratulations

    2. Nicole says:

      Wow, its awesome, and congrats on the 600th post!

    3. jvl says:

      i would also like to thank josh for being the only one to completely read my about page and point out typos.

    4. Mom says:

      "but that's their ignorance so fuck'em" Was this really necessary?? I know that's not how you really feel; you just think it's funny but it's not.

    5. kimberley allan says:

      600. Good work justin!

    6. Langford says:

      Thats a killer photo.

      And listen to your momma.

    7. ch says:

      I think your photos rock…ignorant or not!

    8. Best Ottawa pic I've seen in a long time!