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Looking Out

Looking Out
An archive dive from my June trip to Iceland – playing around with LAB colour per Chromasia’s tutorial.

What you’re seeing here is close to the top of the mountain I climbed (you can see the broken rock fragments I had to scramble up with my crumpler bag in tow) looking out over a secondary ridge, the foot of the glacier at the left. Downwards you can see the glacial run-off; a fairly barren landscape covered in small to medium stones and other sediment, running south towards the North Atlantic.

I find every few months I learn a bit more, or something new, try it out, then forget it as I move onto the next processing technique; the picture I process today will never be the same as the one I process tomorrow. Though, hopefully, sometimes… they get a bit better.

One thought on “Looking Out

  1. Justin Sperry says:

    Posts like this (more the words than the photo) when viewed as part of a larger body of work (reading your blog post after post after post without having to wait for you to write the next one) really show the effort you are putting into your photography.

    For the record, your processing has improved dramatically.