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The picnic is bar far my most under explored joy, well, maybe the Wildboyz DVD’s were my MOST under explored joy; but picnic’s are a close second.
It’s probably systemic of city dwelling for me, and a strong case of apathy, where, when confronted with the option of packing a lunch and actually leaving home, I decide to play video games instead.

Everyone take note: I purchased Zelda for the Nintendo DS and it’s tha bomb.

2 thoughts on “Lounging

  1. Rza says:

    This is an interesting shot. I find it strange that there is a light circle under the tree. How is that? And where was this picture taken?

  2. JVL says:

    It's a maple, and nothing grows under a maple. So it's probably mulch or something. It's just in front of the national art museum in Ottawa.