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Ottawa Editorial Interior Photographer – Ion Aimers New Edinburgh Home

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Ion Aimers New Edinburgh

The spring issue of Our Homes Magazine Ottawa is out, and with it a whole new slew of stylish and custom renovated homes and interior photography. I was surprised when I found out I’d be photographing local restaurateur Ion Aimers’ new (old) home in New Edinburgh – around the corner from his latest food venture ZaZaZa’s – that it maintained a humble country-home style. Not to say everyone that’s sold a successful business should be so ostentatious as to brag about it, I was just pleased to find his home was as comfortable as any I’d like to live in.

Ion Aimers - for Our Homes Ottawa

Interior photographers often work out of the biggest and most modern homes, abut a lot of my recent work have been small if not humble renovations. Practical changes to an existing home using design and some choice remodelling to minimize the potential costs, maintaining a look consistent with the age of the house and neighbourhood, but with a modern practical application.

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Ion Aimers Kitchen

Greenmark Builders did a great job renovating and improving the space. The house is covered in wood, different works of art, antiques, and many photos, paintings, and sculptures of family. The visual design is all based on Ion’s own idea of “What looks cool” and I couldn’t agree more, sometimes an items doesn’t need to have more significance than it works, or that it looks good. Looking for deeper meaning would actually take away from that intrinsic beauty.

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Ion Aimers Dining Room
Ottawa Interior Photographer - Ion Aimers Bathroom

I grew up in a home full of antiques and warm earthy tones. I felt immediately comfortable and at home with Ion and his interior, I’m sure his history in the hospitality industry also helps as he was as warm and as gracious a host as if I was family.

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