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An informal poll, if you’ll humour me, when you come and visit this site, and I know that you do – Mom – Are you coming here to read what I write at all? Because I realized I don’t really have a mode, or a goal in mind when I sit down. Sometimes I write about photography, sometimes about Ottawa, sometimes about life in general, and quite often a whole bunch of “other.”

While there’s no pleasing everyone, and I tend to do most of this for myself and the fact that you kind folks like it too is humbling and nice, I am curious what your favourite stuff to read is?

Drop a comment in the box if you can and it doesn’t just have to be about this site – what are you scouring the vast seas of the Internets for? I’m assuming it isn’t porn – except for those who land on this page; still my #1 all time post. That’s S.E.O. for you.

8 thoughts on “Outreach

  1. Love this photo, where was it taken?

  2. personally, i'm here to check out a little piece of your life. i like the pictures, i like reading what you have to say. i may be biased since i think you're a good guy, but i dunno. i'm glad you mix up your topics. if you only wrote about photography i'd get bored. i also like that you writing doesnt necessarily have anything to do with the picture above it.

    and thank you for fixing your rss feed 😀

  3. Stephanie Kulczyski says:

    i too visit this site "to check out a little piece of your life" i think you are a wonderful photographer and enjoy sharing some of my favorite stuff of yours with my friends and family. i read just because I know you and i find most of it entertaining or interesting. be sure to keep mixing the topics it keeps this real and not like every other photo blog

  4. faisal says:

    lovely composition…

  5. Erin says:

    i like reading what you write because it sometimes is a funny antidote or a reason for why the picture appealed. to you. Keep you the good work. Love this picture – didn't enjoy driving in it so much but definitely love the picture.

  6. Mom says:

    The images are often astoundingly beautiful and I am proud of your accomplishments. I love how you often connect the image with your mood of the moment. It keeps me connected to you.

  7. .M says:

    I like the little insights on whats going on in your life or why the photo looks like it does… You know what I mean?

    And what I'm looking for in the whole web? Anything. Just anything that happens to interest me at the moment. That's the beauty of it…