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Ottawa Editorial Portrait photographer: Kathy Cameron

In Print - Kathy Cameron for Ottawa Woman

The latest issue of Ottawa Woman should be hitting your local free newspaper shelves around the city. The feature story was with Kathy Cameron, a wonderful hair stylist up in the Market. We had a fun time during the editorial shoot, taking care of some basic and necessary cover portraits before she opened up, and then a few more with the young lady you see in the chair above.

I’m enjoying the assignments for Ottawa Woman. They give me a chance to approach my editorial portrait subjects from a softer and more natural angle than a lot of my other work, which I lean towards hard contrasts and colours… not to say these women are soft, but I want the viewer to be focused solely on the woman, and not trying to figure out how I lit the scene (at least for this series).

You can see the bare cover-photo over on Flickr.

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