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Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer – Cody Ceci for Centre Ice

Centre Ice - Cody Ceci

I was excited to be contacted by Ottawa’s Great River Media to do some editorial photography work on the lead story for their brand new Hockey magazine “Centre Ice” with The Ottawa Senators latest draft Cody Ceci. It was a tight schedule, figuring out when to shoot Cody only a few days before deadline… he also had a cold, but he’s a tough hockey player and you really can’t tell.

“But wait Justin, isn’t there a Hockey strike?” Sure – but the Ottawa’s 67’s are still playing, making this an opportune time: they’re literally the only game in town. I shot a number of different potential cover portrait treatments, the first issue, we didn’t really know where the look was going to go. I was asked to shoot him against white, which I did, but they ended up going with this tight portrait we took just outside of the arena. The one above is a horizontal frame, different than the one used below, but one of my favourite.

Cody was fun to shoot, he’s a successful good looking kid, signed to the NHL at the tender age of 18. I reminded him that he should pay back his parents for all the years they put him and his siblings through hockey before going out and buying a sports car. A few more portrait treatments below that didn’t make the cut.

Thanks to Quinn Brown for the assist on this shoot, where I decided I’d only shoot with a beauty dish (as my main). You can read the whole magazine online here.

4 thoughts on “Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer – Cody Ceci for Centre Ice

  1. 601Photo says:

    Very nicely done. I agree with the editorial choice of this tighter, more colourful shot over the white bg (not that there's anything wrong with it).

    Great stuff Justin. Keep it coming!

  2. Anna Epp says:

    Love it Justin! And I love that you gave him your little tip on paying back his parents 😉 I love the shot below with the hockey stick as well, great work again!!

  3. Bravo, je vous félicite pour la qualité de votre site

  4. Sterling says:

    Very striking portrait. I bet this guy has a tough time meeting the ladies.