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ND filters are the COOOOLEST. That and high f-stops. It’s like a special effect DURING reality. No photoshop required.

9 thoughts on “Ruins

  1. Bob says:

    awesome photo

  2. mykl says:

    in theory i like this sort of thing because i'm like WOAH TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME but in the end, i don't like it because its unnatural.

  3. Travis. says:

    I've been staring at this image trying to decide how I feel about it. I think mykl gets it pretty close. It's cool to do it for the sake of doing it, but ultimately I think the effect might be distracting from the good composition and that fantastic building back there.

    It did make me read up on ND filters though.

    …now I'm thinking that you nailed it when you called it a "special effect". It's a fun little trick that's going to appeal to the mass market in a way that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with.

  4. faisal says:

    I love it. ND filters are the Real Deal. This sick! Who needs HDR (BARF!) when you got this? Amazing!

  5. This one turned out just amazing. I absolutely love it. Great comp, great pp. Well done! You should definitely add this one to the flickr workshop group.

  6. Gorgeous! Well done.

  7. minimodi says:

    cool place, i like those. perfect for an exposure like this! (maby it would have been more moody if you'd darken it a little bit more)

  8. faith says:

    someone doesn't like it cus it's unnatural. that's funny. if unnatural things were unappealing there's be a lot of wrinkled women, shot flacid penis's and no fashion industry. with that said. this is really fucking cool man! you're wicked talented and i miss your stupid unnatural ass.