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I made a comment on twitter the other day that went something like this “some say you don’t take as many photos of your 2nd child because you’ve done it before with the first, but in reality it’s because the first is so fucking crazy you no longer have the time.” Quinn lost a bit […]

Sorry for the hiatus around here – been a bit busy; this guy decided to come out on Wednesday. Mel’s water broke at about 2am, which sucked because we were both sleeping. We called her mom to come to watch Quinn as we took a cab to the Ottawa Civic Hospital (did you know cabs […]

The best days are the days I get to pick up my camera and spend time with my son. Or maybe I meant to pick up my son and spend time with my camera? Either way, today was a good day for that.

If you’re wondering why Quinn’s in the box, it’s because we’re working on stuff under the back deck, but there’s all this glass around so we don’t want him crawling in it. I dropped him in this planter, looked down, and started to play with the dirt; kids are awesome! This is one of those […]

I really wanted to take a picture I was happy with. I went to great lengths. Tried listing everything I’d need, lighting setup etc. And when it came down to it? Fail. Epic Fail. I think the best of my photos come when I’m inspired and, for whatever reason, I can’t really inspire myself. I […]

So everyone’s doing these retrospective NYE blog posts and I’m pretty unprepared (as usual) so I’m pulling up this photo of Quinn with his new teeth pokin’ through- not quite the baby new year with the sash and diaper (like I said, I’m unprepared – maybe that could be a resolution for me!?). This was […]

You know when people say kids grow up fast? Well it’s true. I’ve had a son now since April, and he’s already showing signs of being a little man – an actual person – no longer an eating, sleeping, pooping machine (like his dad). Quinn reaches out for his mom, tucks his head into my […]

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the warm glow good ol’ energy-wastin’ bulbs produce. Sure, I have LED’s – SOMEWHERE – but we ain’t using ’em. Nope. I also like to leave the lights on in rooms that I’m not in, as well as using the Refrigerator to cool the house down in the […]

Sucka doubled his weight in two months! A few more weeks and we can eat the baby! Update 06/18/2008: Just weighed in at 8lbs!… a pound a week…

I don’t know if people usually get presents for the Victoria Day weekend, but Mel and I did; Quinn’s home and resting on my chest as I type this. We’re having baby/daddy computer time.

So to give you some perspective on the size of a 3lb Preemie; here he is in the NICU.

Quinn Jacques Van Leeuwen Born April 11th, 2008 at 1:27pm | 3lbs, 4ozHe is wee and lovely.