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Teef Baby New Year

Teef Baby New Year
So everyone’s doing these retrospective NYE blog posts and I’m pretty unprepared (as usual) so I’m pulling up this photo of Quinn with his new teeth pokin’ through- not quite the baby new year with the sash and diaper (like I said, I’m unprepared – maybe that could be a resolution for me!?).

This was a pretty eventful year when I look back at it:
• New City
• New House
• New Job
• New Baby
• New Fiancée
• New Lenses(!!)
• New Friends
• New gigs (thank you to everyone who made this my best year as a “Photographer” yet)

I miss my family and friends in Toronto, I miss my friends from KW and Guelph, but there’s no way I could possibly trade the little guy (pictured) for anything or anyone.
Thanks to everyone who come to the blog and comment – you let me know that the photo I’ve taken means something to someone other than me – and to those who visit and don’t comment or those who subscribe, because you’re my audience too and you’re enabling my putting of random shit up here.

A special Thank-You to everyone at Sunnybrook who helped me with my crazy-ass transition (Kevin, Jeff, Betty, Raissa, Dana, Sandra, Barb, Candace, Bill, Claire, Stephen) and thanks to my new peeps at the ORCF who helped, also, with said crazy-ass transition on the Ottawa-end. If you’re philanthropic at all these are a few great organizations doing fine work in Toronto and Ottawa respectively.

The New Year?

I’m hoping I get better at taking photos – Brad says I have – and that means a lot because he’s a pretty talented guy too (go visit his blog and read his stuff) – and I’ll keep challenging myself to that effect.

I hope I get better at being a father, though is that possible? I’m so awesome.

I hope Thinsite starts taking pictures again, because he’s a limitless talent, my inspiration for getting into this whole mess of aperture, shutter speed, and gear – oh god the gear – he’s also part of a pair that made me believe in love and marriage where I thought the latter to be out-dated.

Thank you everyone for a great 2008, and I promise to make 2009 an even better year!

One thought on “Teef Baby New Year

  1. Calusarus says:

    What expression on his face ! 🙂
    Happy new year.