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Another shot of Quinn – family pics don’t get a lot of play-time in the comments. Maybe y’all are being nice not to critique the photos of my kids but I assure you – they won’t take it personally 😉 Sorry about the site being down for the past week – for those of you […]

Sorry for the hiatus around here – been a bit busy; this guy decided to come out on Wednesday. Mel’s water broke at about 2am, which sucked because we were both sleeping. We called her mom to come to watch Quinn as we took a cab to the Ottawa Civic Hospital (did you know cabs […]

So everyone’s doing these retrospective NYE blog posts and I’m pretty unprepared (as usual) so I’m pulling up this photo of Quinn with his new teeth pokin’ through- not quite the baby new year with the sash and diaper (like I said, I’m unprepared – maybe that could be a resolution for me!?). This was […]