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I’ve been a professional event photographer longer than I’ve been a professional at just about anything else. It started off as “Hey, you have a camera, take some photos at this fundraising gala.” To full fledged official event photographer status for a number of corporations and not-for-profits in Toronto and Ottawa. The Canadian Internet Registration […]

I don’t often show the events I photograph. Most often, the event photography consists of some important people grip-and-grinning and, near the end, tend to be drunken revellers at a private function, so there’s really not much to see, or not much anyone’s willing to show.

A few weeks ago I was called, last minute, to do a shoot for a new Ottawa-based media firm Mediastyle. Headed by the much lauded Ian Capstick, I jumped at the opportunity. Ian’s an Ottawa main-stay, and while I certainly cruised the same twitter circles as he, we had never met in person (IRL). While […]