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A few weeks ago I was called, last minute, to do a shoot for a new Ottawa-based media firm Mediastyle. Headed by the much lauded Ian Capstick, I jumped at the opportunity. Ian’s an Ottawa main-stay, and while I certainly cruised the same twitter circles as he, we had never met in person (IRL).

While I was contracted to shoot an office-party/event I knew the group was going to be small enough that we could definitely get some portraits done at the same time (usually my event coverage alone doesn’t include portraiture). Another plus, is that they have a media room that they’re equipped to shoot podcasts in. I wanted to use that space to show not just the people (and fun people they are!) but to give depth to instantly know what they do. I think the green screen is a dead-giveaway that they’re a group that “Do Video.” As well, I’m sure it can lend itself to photo-mashups with the green removed and “something” put in place. Go ahead, I dare ya!

If you want to read more about the team over at Mediastyle – check out their about page here. I’m also cross-posting this image to Flickr with lighting info.

3 thoughts on “Mediastyle

  1. Greg says:

    No, I think he meant Photoshop…like this!

  2. Greg says:

    Plixi seems busted. Or I did something wrong. #fail.
    Try this: