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I was tapped by iRun magazine to do an editorial lifestyle photography spread on some new running gear for the fall, winter, and spring season – basically stuff to keep runners warm when it’s cool. The assignment didn’t call for much more than some headshots with the hats, which I accommodated, but I felt they […]

Yesterday’s rejects = today’s post! Shot with a Lensbaby 3G on the Younes Bounhar 2009 Fall workshop. With the Canon 1DMKII still in the shop, and the temperatures hovering around -30 degrees, I’ve been trying different lighting setups at home using the G11. MANY of these images are either shots I think are cute (of […]

I am TERRIBLE at coming up with names for my more abstract images, good thing there are musical artists out there with a more inspired vernacular. This was a slight downward pan shot, hand-held I think since my tripod wouldn’t ease my camera down straight.

Sorry if you’re reading this in a feed – hopefully I haven’t blown your reader up. I wanted to show this shot WIDE because of all the great detail: A jogger running along the Rideau Canal, a couple out for a stroll, two people talking, one having laid down his bike and, dead-centre, a girl […]

It’s been an interesting week. Maybe not so much for me, but for those in Mumbai, or even Wal-Marts and Toys R Us’, it certainly has been trying. My sympathies to those affected by these disgusting, and tragic events.

It’s cold out – I do NOT want to take the camera outside, I don’t feel like my batteries will even last. I’m hoping to do a bit of a setup here at home, finally spend some time actually learning something about light. I have more than enough gear, most of which I break out […]

I am so lazy with my processing now. I loathe leaving Lightroom for Photoshop. Sure, when I do, I tend to be very happy with the results. But Lightroom is just so EAAAAASY. Speaking of lazy – why isn’t it the weekend yet? Vote for my photo!vote

If Attila even cared, he’d probably give me a hard time for posting so many HDR’s, the purist that he is. As it is, they just happen to be the better shots I’ve been taking lately (aside from those of Quinn, which I’ll keep to myself mostly). I got roof access to my work building […]

I went with a select group of individuals (guess who, guess!) to the Gatineau’s this past weekend hoping to catch some fall colours. While colour was present, I wouldn’t say it was really out in “full glory” – not a lot of splendour in beige-yellow trees. However, there were some good photos taken, a fantastic […]