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I’m super excited to be booking some weddings this year. It’s a marvellous privilege to be allowed to document and photograph what is, for many, the single most important day of their lives. What’s especially nice is they sometimes come here and see that I post photos of doors and benches and stuff – so […]

Some frost on a bench early this past Saturday morning. To shoot macro you really have to be well disciplined. It’s not the sort of photography that favours the hand-held free spirited fellow tilting his camera over his head to see if he gets a cool shot. Focus is not something to take lightly, and […]

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going out in the morning with Younes to maybe take pictures of some frozen stuff. Damned if I know our motivation. Art? As a side note, another buddy of mine, Josh developed a pretty neat add-on for this website that now lets you scroll through my posts with the […]