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Some frost on a bench early this past Saturday morning.

To shoot macro you really have to be well disciplined. It’s not the sort of photography that favours the hand-held free spirited fellow tilting his camera over his head to see if he gets a cool shot. Focus is not something to take lightly, and at those magnifications your depth of field is razor thin – don’t get me started on sharpness either; a tripod is a must. Even better, a tripod with a good ballhead is even better.

The first thing I upgraded when I got my first macro lens was my ball-head. You start to notice that when you lock the ball the camera tilts down a bit, or shifts, or it’s just not quite framed the way you intended.

Sadly, as either a consequence of the cold, or friction, or years of use and abuse, my tripod mount threaded on my camera this weekend – pulled right out. So no Macro’s for me until I either figure a way to fix it, send it out to get fixed ($$$), or whatever suggestions come my way.

One thought on “Sit

  1. faisal says:

    amazing textures and details youve captured here.