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Moment of Peace

Moment of Peace
Lighting is a tricky thing, though the principles are pretty simple and you can’t hear it enough: it’s the quality, not the quantity of light you get.

So showing up early is a sure way to get a great quality of light in your images, not to mention you’re probably going to catch something that most people see by virtue that you were stupid crazy enough to get up before they did. Once you have good light it’s pretty hard to fuck up, just point and shoot. It’s why sunsets are so magical and why you can catch a good one with whatever camera you have, it might even be easier now than usual, since the sun’s setting around 4pm. Even the sunrise isn’t hard to catch at 7ish; it’s just that it’s so damn cold.

2 thoughts on “Moment of Peace

  1. faisal says:

    wow! awesome.

  2. Matt Welsh says:

    That's a gorgeous photograph!