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Photowalking Beechwood

Photowalking Beechwood

Saturday’s Photowalk has come and gone. I was pleasantly surprised to find over 30 folks turn out (and many of them I didn’t know yet!). It’s the first walk that the main group walked WAY ahead of me, so far I had to tweet them to slow down. It was a beautiful day, full of colour and contrast, and I spent most of my time using my iPhone to capture shape and form.

But I figured I had to bring a good takeaway for all the participants, and one I thing I like to do that so many I know don’t is use strobes. It had been a while since I brought out the speedlights, but I wanted to show people how to do a quick balance of ambient exposure with flash, and then push the ambient down for drama. The image above is the result of using nothing more than two speedlights through a 28″ Westcott Apollo softbox. Triggered with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s (though an off-camera cord would have worked well too). Even if you don’t know what the products are, I wanted to show how to work in any kind of light, at any time of day. The camera, no-flash, version is below.

We ended up at Domicile’s Kavanaugh sales office, since they were the sponsors of the walk and had lots of yummy free pizza, how could we resist? It’s not like they were trying to pimp out condo’s either, just getting people out into a community they care about. Pretty cool stuff.

They have a facebook contest going on right now, if you’re in Ottawa there are some good prizes, and the hood is good enough for a stroll, even if I’m not there.

One thought on “Photowalking Beechwood

  1. Erinn says:

    Sorry I missed this! I was hoping to go, but had visitors. Hopefully there will be more in the future.