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Ottawa Interior Photographer – New Toilet!

New Toilet!

The past few months have been the busiest of my relatively short career. This is good, it means I’m growing and building new things, finding new clients, and pleasing old ones as they return.

The above photos are of my new bathroom. Nice, yes? We had the reno’s done by Ottawa’s RND Construction, who I happen to do work for. Finding the right contractor was easy. I’ve photographed enough of their work, and worked with them on-site, to know that their commitment to quality and their customer was exactly what I wanted when we needed our space renovated.

It’s kind of funny how these things turn out, actually. Since the owner of the company first hired me on spec after seeing one of my Canvases hanging on a wall in a restaurant – a failed attempt to sell some prints – which turned into a regular gig for me, and then another job for him. It’s good to support those who support you – what goes around comes around.

One thought on “Ottawa Interior Photographer – New Toilet!

  1. faisal says:

    wow! thats fantastic! very cool and minimalist.