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With us firmly into the holiday season, a lot of my corporate clients have shut-down for the holidays and editorial photography is mostly due out in the new year. It’s an interesting lull, where I find myself with time I didn’t have before. Obviously the end of the year provides us with a time to […]

I live in a part of Ottawa known as Hintonburg. Anyone following me on Twitter will know I’m strongly community oriented; so, along with lots of photography related stuff, I chat to and about those in my neighbourhood. The gentrification of the main strip of Wellington West in Hintonburg is nothing new to folks who […]

Bonkers, pictured, is a local watering hole in my Hintonburg neighbourhood. I posted this photo on Flickr yesterday, and this is a suggested crop of that image (thank you for your input folks!). The nice thing about this shot, for me, is that it was something I had pre-envisioned. I knew I wanted to take […]

It’s been a while since I posted a HDR image – mostly because I haven’t been shooting them. Some people hate the effect, some love the results. I find it’s usually pretty polarized within a few groups “photographers” and everyone else. See – photographers themselves are always polarized – which camera company, bag, lens, flash, […]

Haven’t posted (or done) an HDR in a while, this one seemed alright. I especially liked that I processed it through plugins only – Photomatix, Lightroom, and ColourEfex Pro… no Photoshop. This week I was supposed to get an iPhone. I had been wanting one for a while as the “photographers” phone of choice. Big […]

Okay – I’m defeated – even WITH GUIDE LINES I can’t take a straight picture. I have a bubble level and plan on using it from now on… I’m sorry. One shot with my Panasonic LX3, single image processed in HDRMax with some blending in PS and lots of little layers on top.

Quinn’s first Christmas, my second in Ottawa, and the first in our new house. This is his first ornament. There’s something about Christmas time that makes me want to process HDR images, it’s probably the surreal nature of the whole time – I mean really – who goes through all this trouble EVERY freakin year? […]

Another image from Montréal last weekend. I was standing in the street taking these exposures when a guy in a car pulled up. Naturally I assumed I was going to get some sort of security beat down (because I had a tripod), but it turned out this guy had his Nikon with him and popped […]

Mel and I (and Quinn) went to Montréal this weekend. At first I thought maybe a change of scene involved touristy things – exploring, photos, long walks – but I quickly realized that was what I liked to do. Mel wanted to shop, but thankfully (for me) she was up for my roam through old-Montréal […]

If Attila even cared, he’d probably give me a hard time for posting so many HDR’s, the purist that he is. As it is, they just happen to be the better shots I’ve been taking lately (aside from those of Quinn, which I’ll keep to myself mostly). I got roof access to my work building […]

Shot with a Lensbaby 3G – I see at Photokina they announced a revision of the brand plus a new model: I completely recommend it (and wish I had this one instead) to anyone looking for a bit of creativity thrust onto their camera.

How many of you forget that there are awesome buildings in your city? I mean, they’re likely the ones with the tourists around them (Grade 8 grads travel from across Ontario and Quebec to visit Ottawa or, as was my case, Quebec City). But these are legit photo opportunities – if not clichéd, they can […]

I’ve been taking pictures just fine lately – it’s sitting down and processing them that’s the trick. I’m often happy enough with the RAW image, but sometimes I almost NEED to enhance it in Photoshop, just do something y’know? Granted, I still lack the proper skills to get them exactly the way I want, but […]

Montréal is awesome. This was my first trip to the great city and I loved it. My buddy Rainbow once told me that Montréal had the hottest girls in Canada – he’s likely right – though these things no longer phase me, I was just told he was right. This was also the first time […]

Lovely weekend to be sure, now if you all thought I’d post on Labour Day and showed up by clicking your bookmarks, remember to actually subscribe to blogs from now on. Note to those on medication; don’t forget it over long weekends – your brain will have baby-seizures.