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Montréal is awesome. This was my first trip to the great city and I loved it.

My buddy Rainbow once told me that Montréal had the hottest girls in Canada – he’s likely right – though these things no longer phase me, I was just told he was right.

This was also the first time since moving that I had a chance to actually roam, take some random photos of people and things so I’m excited to look and see if I remember how to expose properly (still can’t quite figure proper composition) – maybe someday Brad will teach me his ways… his sexy, sexy ways.

Oh, and the Exif data on the side’s a bit messed up because this was a hand-held, 3-stop HDR – processed in Photomatix Pro 3.

One thought on “360

  1. Brad says:

    $50 I teach you eeeeeeeverything