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Another shot of Quinn – family pics don’t get a lot of play-time in the comments. Maybe y’all are being nice not to critique the photos of my kids but I assure you – they won’t take it personally 😉 Sorry about the site being down for the past week – for those of you […]

I had every intention to spend some time taking out my big lights, doing some fancy setup on a park – exposing for the sun, the ambient light, the clouds, and getting some cool dramatic poses and portraits of whoever I could possibly find. Instead I took care of the kids while Mel gardened – […]

It’s been a while since I’ve had any good pics of the kids – spending some time this weekend to make sure I do. If you haven’t put in a concerted effort into photographing the folks around who you love, I hope you do the same.

Quinn regarding the outdoors, eager to explore and share. Owen, fiddling and introverted. I think this family if finally rounding the bend. No major illnesses afflicting us, irritability and fighting are at an all time (this year) low – Owen’s having some trouble at school but he’s a pre-teen and if he wasn’t I’d be […]

The best days are the days I get to pick up my camera and spend time with my son. Or maybe I meant to pick up my son and spend time with my camera? Either way, today was a good day for that.

I feel like the perception is, that if I don’t post something here, I’m not out taking pictures which, while potentially true, often isn’t. Often I’m shooting client work in Ottawa like, events, portraits, and the occasional wedding; also lots of personal family stuff. I try not to be overly repetitive here either, so posting […]

If you’re wondering why Quinn’s in the box, it’s because we’re working on stuff under the back deck, but there’s all this glass around so we don’t want him crawling in it. I dropped him in this planter, looked down, and started to play with the dirt; kids are awesome! This is one of those […]

Quinn has developed a bit of a green thumb- he definitely doesn’t mind getting his hands, and feet, dirty.

This weekend I tried to take some staged photos of Quinn, but he’s at that age where it’s not like he’s going to sit at his spot for very long. I gave up pretty quick – didn’t really have much time to adjust lighting for his shiny head – so we just “wung it” and […]

You know when people say kids grow up fast? Well it’s true. I’ve had a son now since April, and he’s already showing signs of being a little man – an actual person – no longer an eating, sleeping, pooping machine (like his dad). Quinn reaches out for his mom, tucks his head into my […]

I need a face camera – something that takes pictures directly from my eyes. Yes, I understand that cameras currently work in this way, but what I mean is that Quinn (pictured) never looks at the camera the same way that he looks at my eyes, and it’s truly a difference that I will work […]

Sucka doubled his weight in two months! A few more weeks and we can eat the baby! Update 06/18/2008: Just weighed in at 8lbs!… a pound a week…

I don’t know if people usually get presents for the Victoria Day weekend, but Mel and I did; Quinn’s home and resting on my chest as I type this. We’re having baby/daddy computer time.

So to give you some perspective on the size of a 3lb Preemie; here he is in the NICU.

Quinn Jacques Van Leeuwen Born April 11th, 2008 at 1:27pm | 3lbs, 4ozHe is wee and lovely.