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I feel like the perception is, that if I don’t post something here, I’m not out taking pictures which, while potentially true, often isn’t.

Often I’m shooting client work in Ottawa like, events, portraits, and the occasional wedding; also lots of personal family stuff. I try not to be overly repetitive here either, so posting a photo of my son Quinn may be easy, I’m not going to do that every day; certainly you’d get bored.

So while I drop what I can here on the blog, sometimes I can’t, or want to spare you self-indulgent family pics, or sometimes the shots I took just kinda suck, which is great for me to better myself but not so great for display. That all being said, I think I “owe” you a photo, so here’s one of Quinn displaying a family trait (TMI?), swear I didn’t team him that.

I’m keeping my Canon 17-40 f/4L on the camera right now, because I don’t use that lens enough and it’s really quite good… admittedly wide-angle is a bit of a tough-spot for me, so all the more reason to force myself to do it. Processed using the fine Lightroom plugin of Nik SilverEfex Pro – Holga filter.

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  1. Get it in there! Ye-haw!