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Adorkable Thespians

Adorkable Thespians

Other way guys… see? I told you I was taking photos of other families.

Maybe a bit less “extreme” than maybe some of my previous posts, this was a concept Nadine and I met and discussed. She was pretty clear about what she wanted – which makes it that much easier for me – it gets us straight to the logistics because you can spend HOURS on different concepts with no direction.

Nadine, her “man-of-mans”, and her son play hide-and-go-seek almost every night before bed. Inevitably he hides in one of his two closets: not too hard to find.

I’ve known Nadine since I moved to Ottawa, maybe not in person though, sort of one of those “friends of friends.” As she’s an avid blogger, actor, Tweeter, and sex columnist… amongst other things, you also may have “seen” her around.

If you’re interested in booking your own “extreme” family portrait session gimme a tweet, or read a bit more on my about page (to see if you really, really like me).

Special thanks to Younes Bounhar for getting me on location and setup SUPER fast, I literally could not have done this without him (or someone else of equal measure).

4 thoughts on “Adorkable Thespians

  1. angela says:

    it may not be as extreme as your own sahd series, but this is great! love that it is based on something they do as a family:). that little guy is too cute.

    and the behind the scenes shot is great:).

  2. Neeroc says:

    Very cute idea (and family). Love the memories tied to it, great way to make sure they'll be telling that story years from now.

  3. Dave says:

    Gorgeous shots of the family.

    I also congratulate Younes for his bravery in coming out of the closet in such a public manner.

  4. margaret says:

    LOVE that it's linked to their story. super cute.