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At the Glen

At the Glen
Though this weekend was composed of 4am “starts” I did manage to snag a sweet deal on Monday. I had a golf cart to myself (the weather was beautiful), and I drove around taking photos of the Women’s Health Golf Classic for Sunnybrook.

The only thing missing was the limiter taken off of the cart so I could drive it like the race-car driver I am.

2 days

3 thoughts on “At the Glen

  1. Brad says:

    Hey I like this. Good job.

  2. christina says:

    im not sure what you did to this but it's much better then the version you showed me the other night. i like it now.

  3. faith says:

    i dig this. it alomst seems like a painting – nice and textured. i also like the dark cloud to the top left, nice touch. and i like you…