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Ottawa Commercial Photographer – NiceJewishGadgetFamily – “Extreme Family”

NiceJewishGadgetFamily -

The NiceJewishGadgetFamily is a blended family, a single mom isn’t so single anymore thanks to her superman (he’s Jewish, quite nice, and she likes gadgets). As always, the style of my Extreme family portraits lends itself more to my commercial photography, than a traditional family portrait.

You might recognize GadgetGirl from the shoots I did with her fellow foodieprints last year, building image collateral for their website. She’s been gracious enough to share this insight into her family life since it’s been such a bomb-shell week for my “Extreme” Family portraits.

What’s been going on you ask? I guess a few photo editors on some websites needed some content and they were more than happy to feature some of the work I’ve been building over the past few years. The Huffington Post started, Followed by the UK’s Daily Mail, and now BuzzFeed. If you like the photos great! If not, you can join in on the comments on those sites. I’ve had to stop looking because they’re just plain mean. I never said I was the best at what I do, or that my work is perfect, I just like meeting people, and providing them with a photograph that we all believe represents their family at a point of time in their lives, without resorting to boring and cliche’d $20 portrait studios.

“But Justin, this is hardly EXTREME” True, I never really started calling my own work extreme. I give full credit of the term to my friend Angela, she kept saying it, and it stuck, so that’s what it’s called now, but it doesn’t mean you always have to throw a baby in the air. It’s about taking time to get the looks right. To have fun creating an image, involving the whole family, I’m just the guy to capture it and put it all together, but the family gets to choose how far they take things, what they get to include (and exclude) in the image.

In the case of the NiceJewishGadgetFamily, lil’Foodieprints loves to cook, she’s also a teenager and, knowing better, often frowns on the actions of the parental units… her frown is a bit of a smirk, she was having too much fun. Nice Jewish Boy lurves him some Superman, you can’t see it here, but his socks had little capes. What does Gadget Girl love more than gadgets? Wine – obviously – and bubbly, drinking champagne before noon is classy when your’e on a photoshoot. They have that dog… thing…too. They like it, though it looks a bit off in the comp, it was *actually* right there so it shouldn’t look out of place, but it kind of does, maybe because it doesn’t really look like a dog?

Thanks everyone for your support, and if you’re new here I’ve been taking photos for 1,000+ blog posts now, that’s about 7 years, and all the haters who gonna hate… what have you been up to lately?

You can catch me on twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. And if you’re looking for more technical info on how this was shot, I have that over here.

One thought on “Ottawa Commercial Photographer – NiceJewishGadgetFamily – “Extreme Family”

  1. angela says:

    i missed the mean comments. not even going to pay them any heed. your images are creative and fun and a refreshing alternative the the average joe family portrait.
    enjoy the attention ( the positive part ), you have worked hard for it.
    i do love how all this was borne out of the stay-at-homingness of your parenting stage. chaos breeds creativity i guess;).